Jenne (bunnyjadwiga) wrote,

There was a cabbage

We are trying to eat up all the leftovers from Christmas, etc.

So, in our crisper, was the red cabbage I bought to make the constructed salad from Markham at the event-- and never made. Hm. Whole red cabbage. My friends and those who have seen me cook know this will go no-where tidy.

Then there were granny smith apples I bought when Sarah wanted to make apfeltashen.

Red cabbage, tart apples. Ok, either cabbage and apples or... Cabbage/Apple Slaw Yes!

I bought 2 'horse' carrots-- the big ones that look like they would be good for home defense. Got out the food processor and started to chop cabbage. (Note to self: find the pusher-thing for the food processor. Wooden spoon handles are chancy.) And then carrots.

And then I opened the food processor, dumped it in a bowl and stared at it. Oh dear, that will need the rest of the red cabbage for balance. Grated up the rest of the cabbage. Ta-da! Right mixture.

And then there was no room left in the bowl for apples. I'm thinking wild thoughts about sending some to our widowed neighbor and asking him to give it to his children's families....

Wait, this is just cabbage and apples, right? It's stir fry! So, I heated up the skillet, put in olive oil (I know, wrong oil for stir fry, but it was handy), sliced up a small onion and sauted it. Then I dumped in a cereal-bowl full of the cabbage/carrot mixture and stir fried it; added some more oil; added half a teasponful of ginger-garlic paste (my equivalent of Frank's Hot Sauce-- that **** goes on everything) and then it needed a little liquid-- turned the heat down and splashed on teriyaki sauce... good, but a little bland now. Ah-ha! Splashed in a couple of teaspoons of bitter orange juice (we had an open bottle over from the chicken with orange and cinnamon on the dayboard), stirred it around and tasted it....

I'll be in my happy place. With a bowl and a spoon. See ya!
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