Jenne (bunnyjadwiga) wrote,

A book on spice use in the Savoy Court, 14th & 15th c.

I wish I could read French. Someone read the book for me please and report back?

Fanny Abbott, Des comptes d’apothicaires: Les épices dans la comptabilité de la Maison de Savoie (XIVe et XVe s.). (Cahiers Lausannois d’Histoire Médiévale 51.) Lausanne: Université de Lausanne, 2012. Pp. 210; many black-and-white figures and graphs. €30. ISBN: 978-2-940110-64-3.

Reviewed by Jennifer C. Edwards in
Speculum , Volume 90 , Issue 04 , October 2015, pp 1076 - 1077
doi: 10.1017/S0038713415002390 (About doi) Published Online on13th October 2015

According to the review, Abbot uses the Scully edition of du Fait de cuisine to connect the spices recorded with their uses...
"Abbott devotes her first section to part of an account book kept by Jean Marci de
Valdetario, apothecary for the count of Savoy Amadeus VI, covering entries from February
1338 to November 1342. She then examines the lists of expenses in two account books
kept for the households of Duke Amadeus VIII: a daily account (journalier) of the duke’s
expenses, 1422–23, kept by Pierre de Porta, secretary treasurer; and a daily account of
expenses in the household of the duke’s children, the prince of Piedmont and the count of
Bagˆ e, created by Pierre Gillet de Pont d’Ain, 1425–26"
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