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Successful carrots

Well, as part of our low-carb diet, we steadfastly ignore the carb and glycemic index of carrots (singing la la la I can't hear you) and pretend that because they are free veggies on Weight Watchers (or used to be) we can have as many as we like. (After looking up the glycemic index of parsnips, we bid them a sorrowful goodbye, but carrots, we couldn't give up.)

Anyway, so I was thinking of something fast that could go with the Baked Dover Sole and the Swiss Chard with Raisins and Pine Nuts we had planned. So...

I took 2 'horse' carrots -- the large ones that are sold individually rather than in bags; they seem sweeter-- peeled them and grated them on the large shavings side of the box grater. (Ok, I started out with 3, but after seeing the pile of carrot shavings, I stopped at 2.)

Then I shaved in a peeled, 2" knob of ginger.

Heated some (2-3 tsp) canola oil* in a big steel skillet, dumped in the carrots, and sauted like mad. Eventually I had to add more oil-- it was a LOT of carrot, and finally I finished with some butter. When it was soft to the tooth and the carrots were releasing significant orangeness, I sprinkled a bit of galingale on top, mixed it in, added a touch of salt.

It was amazingly yummy. (I am tempted to try it with balsamic vinegar or orange juice, but it was lovely the way it was.)

*Yes, I know canola oil is GMO. At least there's no uncertainty there.
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